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PIPA has developed a property investment adviser accreditation course which is industry relevant for today’s advisers.

Overseen and administered by the PIPA Board, who are all experienced practitioners, the course both prepares new advisers for the role they are to undertake and upgrades the knowledge of existing industry participants to ensure that they are operating within state and federal regulatory requirements.

PIPA believes that an industry association award which achieves as a minimum the equivalent of a diploma level qualifications is a crucial requirement for all property investment advisers.

The PIPA Accreditation course has now become more flexible, allowing you to complete your education at your own pace. The semester based approach has now made way for a self-paced style of learning whereby you choose the time frames in which you access the course.

You can order your modules at any time and as long as you complete each module within 6 months of its date of issue, complete it as you have the time to do so.

This course results in the acquisition of the exclusive post nominals QPIA® (Qualified Property Investment Adviser).

For more information download a copy of the PIPA Accreditation Program Overview.

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