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Licensed builder

From full-scale building jobs to renovations, maintenance and repairs, as a property investor it’s highly likely you’re going to need to engage a good builder at some point.

Valid and current licensing is critical so be sure to check out any builder’s credentials before committing to employ their services.  Each state and Territory has different licensing and registration requirements so it’s important to do your homework.


A property developer usually specialises in the development of new properties such as apartment complexes or land estates.

Development is a very diverse business but typically a developer will purchase land or property, coordinate building/renovating of the property and then lease, manage and/or sell it.

Reputable developers can offer attractive property investment options, particularly for investors looking to purchase new or off-the-plan properties, but it’s important to remember that their chief goal is to sell those properties and so it’s important to assess any potential purchase carefully.

Also keep in mind that a developer is not qualified to provide property investment advice.  If a developer is also a QPIA it may not be appropriate for them to offer personal financial advice on a property which they wish to sell to you.

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