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PIPA Membership

Why should I become a PIPA member?

PIPA is fast becoming the benchmark which consumers seek to give them confidence that their adviser or property professional is educated and subscribes to a Code of Conduct. Once regulation is in place, PIPA members will be ready for compliance and have an industry leader behind them.

PIPA can offer guidance to its members in many areas, and also provides the only ‘diploma level’ qualified property investment adviser course available today. This course results in the acquisition of the exclusive post nominals QPIA® (Qualified Property Investment Adviser).

Peter Koulizos, the Chair of the Association, has recorded a message about becoming a member of PIPA:



What level of membership should I choose?

PIPA has several levels of membership available:

INDIVIDUAL – for businesses operating as sole traders, t/as and/or partnership

CORPORATE – for an entity of a company or corporate nature

For businesses, who are not sole traders, you should count the number of staff and choose the Corporate level of membership which applies. Only sole traders may apply for individual membership, so if you are an adviser who works for someone else, your company will need to hold the membership.

In all cases of individual or corporate membership who wish to be included in the Property Investment Adviser category, at least one person must be nominated to complete the QIPA® accreditation. We suggest, however that all advisers should hold this qualification.

QUALIFIED PROPERTY INVESTMENT ADVISER (QPIA®) – Any PIPA member may work toward obtaining the Qualified Property Investment Adviser industry award which carries the post nominal QPIA®. This post nominal is owned by PIPA and made available for the exclusive use of anyone who is a current member under one of the above full membership categories and who satisfy the following criteria;

  1. successfully completes the PIPA Accreditation Program;
  2. demonstrate a minimum of 2 years experience (within the last 5 years) in property or financial services industries; and
  3. completes compulsory professional development requirements annually

The accreditation belongs to the individual and is subject to satisfying the annual CPD requirements. QPIA® accredited individuals must be an employee, director or individual proprietor of a nominated entity who is a full financial member of PIPA to retain their QPIA® accreditation. QPIA® annual fees are in addition to other full membership categories for the nominated entity (individuals in transit between employers, businesses or otherwise must make application to PIPA to retain QPIA® accreditation).

QPIA® accredited individuals may use the QPIA® logo to distinguish themselves


How much does it cost to be a member?

Membership Level Membership Fee
(per annum)
Classifications Individuals
Sole Trader/Individual $250.00 1 Category 1 Individual listed
Corporate 1-10 (total staff) $595.00 Up to 2 categories Up to 2 individuals listed
Corporate 11-20 (total staff) $1,100.00 Up to 4 categories Up to 4 individuals listed
Corporate 21-50 (total staff) $2,200.00 Up to 6 categories Up to 6 individuals listed
Corporate 51-100 (total staff) $4,400.00 Up to 8 categories Up to 8 individuals listed
Corporate 100+ (total staff) $6,600.00 Up to 10 categories Up to 10 indviduals listed
Additional Fees (website search feature)  $150.00 per Additional category or
additional business location
under same category
Additional individual listing
QPIA Membership $195.00


How do I apply?

Once you have determine the suitable membership level please click here to complete a membership application form.  Please make sure you have uploaded or emailed to all of the required supporting documentation.  Membership applications received without all this documentation cannot be processed.

What information do I need to provide?

You will need to provide PIPA with the following:

  1. A completed application form;
  2. Personal Details Sheet for ALL Directors;
  3. Personal Details Sheet for Nominated Person, if applying for the Property Investment Advisers category;
  4. Completed and signed Declaration and Privacy Consent forms;
  5. All Documentation demonstrating how all fees and commissions are disclosed to prospective clients, including disclosure of all related fees and commissions paid to all related or interested parties
    Note: PIPA is not seeking to understand the amounts of these commissions – this is private and commercial in confidence, PIPA just wants to a record of the documentation provided to the prospective client you are seeking to professionally service
  6. A copy of your Professional Indemnity insurance policy which covers your activities as stated on the application form;
  7. A copy of appropriate ID (eg drivers licence); and
  8. Payment of required fee.

Can I display the PIPA logo?

Upon successful application, you will be provided with the PIPA logo. The member business, company or sole trader will be able to display this logo on marketing material, business stationery, website, and presentation material.

Can I display the QPIA® logo once I am a member?

You may only display the QPIA® logo once you have applied for and been granted the QPIA® award. Unauthorised use of the QPIA® logo or claim to the award is not permitted.

Who approves the membership application?

Your application is processed by the Secretary of PIPA and either approved or rejected by the PIPA Board of Directors.

What happens if my application is rejected?

You may appeal the rejection by making a written submission to the PIPA Board of Directors within 30 days of being notified of the status of your application.

How long does it take to process an application?

You should allow between 7 and 14 days for your membership application to be processed.


PIPA Accreditation Program

Becoming a QPIA

Property Investment Professionals of Australia (PIPA) has developed the PIPA Accreditation Program, a professional industry award, to address the need for professionals in the property investment industry and related industries to be appropriately qualified to give advice in property investment.

PIPA is committed to the development of industry standards in property investment advice. It has developed the Accreditation Program as the first step in quality education for all those involved in giving property investment advice to retail property investors.

The Accreditation Program has been aligned with the Financial Services Reform (FSR) provisions of the Corporations Act and with ASIC Regulatory Guide 146 training requirements for regulated financial services.

This program has been developed as an industry benchmark of knowledge and skills for all those professionals in industries involved with property investment and for individuals wishing to develop a career in property investment advising.

How is the course delivered?

This program is an Industry Accreditation Program, consisting of six modules, each containing seven -ten topics. Each module is provided via documents which are downloaded via our website.

Assessment is a blended approach, consisting of an exam and an assignment for each module, plus a skills assessment as a third assessment component of Module 6.

Each module is designed to be studied at your own pace, with a time limit to complete each module of 6 months from the date of enrolment. Modules should be studied in sequence from Module 1 to Module 6 – that is, later modules will assume that you have already completed the earlier ones. Participants who successfully complete the program and satisfy PIPA criteria will be entitled to use the post-nominal “QPIA®” (Qualified Property Investment Adviser).

What is the cost and duration of the course?

You may order modules as you require them. Once despatched, you will be provided with six calendar months to complete your module.

Fees are:

Module One $795.00

Module Two – Six $495.00 each module

Total program fee $3,270.00


Order and pay for all modules in advance to obtain a discount;

Modules one – six $2,945.00

All fees include GST

Do you have exemptions for recognised prior learning?

PIPA recognises your prior learning and experience and is happy to consider your application for Recognition of Prior Learning.

Please contact us to discuss your options.