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Licensed Valuer

A licensed valuer is trained to provide a comprehensive indication as to the current market value of a property.

An independent valuation is pivotal if you are to pay true market value for any property so a licensed valuer should be high on your property investment checklist.

Moreover, if you require financing for your purchase, are looking to refinance or if you want to draw down equity from one of your properties, your lender will require an assessment of your property’s value.

A valuation can come in a range of formats, but the most comprehensive reports will involve a site inspection, plus take into account recent comparable sales activity within the surrounding property market.

Only a fully licensed valuer can provide a genuine valuation as opposed to a market appraisal provided by your real estate agent.

Quantity Surveyor

A quantity surveyor is the only entity approved by the tax office to provide a depreciation schedule to estimate the costs of depreciable items in a property.

A tax depreciation schedule shows the amount of depreciation an investor should be able to claim over the lifespan of a property and it indicates how much you may be able to reduce your taxable obligations by.

Depreciating the assets which are part of your property can assist in many cases to reduce a tax burden.


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