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THE long-awaited report from the banking royal commission proves that even within regulated environments lawlessness can be rife.

Property Investment Professionals of Australia (PIPA) chairman Peter Koulizos said the multitude of examples of potentially criminal activity within the financial services sector was a sign of what can happen when money becomes more important than client outcomes.

“If this is what happens in a regulated industry, imagine the situation in the property investment advice sector where spruikers can ruin people’s financial lives without much chance of prosecution because it is an unregulated environment?” Mr Koulizos said. 

“The report suggests that many in the financial services sector were motivated by greed rather than acting in their client’s best interests, however, such a blanket statement does a disservice to the majority of honest employees working in the industry.

“Mortgage brokers, for example, create much-needed competition and deserve to be paid for their professional service, so we’re pleased that the federal government has questioned the recommendation that commissions be paid by consumers rather than banks – who are the ones who can clearly afford it the most.”

Mr Koulizos said he hoped the report’s release would bring an end to the over-the-top credit restrictions that had been in play for more than three years.


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