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Property investors are fans of the third-party channel and could potentially help brokers build referral relationships, according to new research.

A survey of 627 investors found that 70 per cent have used a broker at some point.

It also found that 54.5 per cent used a broker to secure their last investment loan and that 65.5 per cent plan to use a broker to secure their next investment loan.

The survey was conducted by The Adviser’s sister title, Smart Property Investment, and Property Investment Professionals of Australia.

One finding that emerged was the potential for brokers to use investors as a way to build referral relationships with property managers, accountants and financial planners.

According to the survey, 76.9 per cent of respondents employ a property manager and 65.7 per cent have used an accountant.

The survey also found that 14.3 per cent of respondents have invested in a property via an SMSF and 21.4 per cent plan to do so in the next year.

Low interest rates are helping investors to build and manage their property portfolios.

According to the findings, 56.4 per cent said low rates had accelerated their decision to buy, while 75 per cent said they would consider buying another property if rates remain low.

Low interest rates are also helping investors pay off their mortgage.

The survey found that 51.1 per cent of respondents had found it easy or very easy to manage their repayments over the past year, while 35.3 per cent had done so comfortably.

12 November 2014
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